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What Clients are Saying

Elena + Greg

“I was able to relive every important, and ridiculous, and hilarious, moment of my wedding through the pictures that were taken and that means everything to me.”

Lauren + Fernando

“My favorite part was that we look in love in our pictures!”

Kirsten + Neil

“From the first meeting all the way through the wedding day, I felt like Christina listened to exactly what I asked for, and had a very seamless way of getting beautiful, natural moments as they happened, not as someone orchestrated them.”

Sara + Charles

“Christina did all the hard work, and we we did nothing except enjoy the day.”

Amanda + Amos

“As a recommendation, I would say that if you want a photographer who will both fade into the mist and pop up when the moment calls for it, who will not force her ideas of what it should all look like, but who will use her personal style, viewpoint, and skill to enhance what you asked for, and who will make you feel like you have just another one of your friends by your side, not someone who only views you as just another job, then this is who you want to hire.”

Emily + Mark

“I’d recommend Christina’s services to anyone, with no reservations.”

Annabelle + Noah

“Christina is AMAZING!  She is super easy going and low key.  Just the kind of person you want around at your wedding.”

Molly + Aiden

“The engagement session before the wedding was really beneficial. Both my husband and I were slightly nervous at first and Christina was great at getting us both to relax and enjoy the process; this skill was especially helpful on the actual wedding day!”

Sophia + Nick

“I loved my experience with Christina and working with her could simply be defined by 3 words: genuine, creative, and fun.”

Adrianna + Brian

“Feeling comfortable with your photographer I think is the most important element to think about and because of Christina’s personality, work ethic, and understanding of the craziness of being a bride, I would definitely recommend her to friends, family, and any future bride I come across.”

Jennifer + Jermaine

“I was lucky enough to come across and Christina and know from the moment we met that she was the right photographer. Her genuine personality and genuine passion for her art was the first thing I noticed. Her creative view is amazing and easy to see in the small details that she takes the time to acknowledge. Lastly, Christina is just an overall fun person. Her charisma helped put my husband and I at ease during our engagement shoot and wedding and it is clear through the images she captured that we were having a blast, rather than trying to look a certain way for the sake of the camera.”