//Random Musings and Tips From an Obsessed Floral Designer//

April 4, 2016
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Your wedding flowers are such an important part of your wedding day style!  Are you wanting a big, loose, wild bouquet?  Or are you more of a tight, modern, minimalist kinda gal? When thinking about your wedding theme, your wedding flowers and more importantly, your bridal bouquet, should be at the forefront of your mind.  Pull from colors and styling details from your bouquet to help you make the rest of your decor unique and cohesive! One of my favorite local florists, Leah Bloom [yes that is her real name!] has shared some of her thoughts and tips on choosing the best flowers for your style and budget! Take it away Leah!

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Big Is Beautiful…..

Lately, the floral trends have been moving to brides carrying big, loose bouquets… the bigger the better! The boho wedding trend is gorgeous and natural, and lets floral designers play with really fun textures, but typically, not much color. For a petite bride, this look can be very overwhelming, so remember to ask your designer to scale ‘big and loose’ to your own size.

Also, these large bouquets get heavy . I went big for my own wedding, and kind of regretted not having done more weights before my wedding day. Remember, your maid of honor will have to carry not only her bouquet, but yours too through the ceremony!

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…..But, Small Can Be, Too

One of my favorite ways to cut floral costs is to suggest smaller bouquets for the bridesmaids. Your ladies will still look just as pretty carrying posies, as they will carrying monster bouquets, and it’s an easy way to carve a little more room out of the budget. Smaller bouquets can look really chic and modern. A few well chosen blooms can go a long way!

1 stem flower girl bouqet pomanders vintage flowers


The Littlest Details

Flower girls and ring bearers can be the cutest addition to your ceremony, but they’re not always the easiest. Be sure to tell your designer what age(ish) your wedding party kids are. Boutonnieres on little guys can be tough. A little kid wearing a giant flower can look ridiculous. Think about how rough grown men are with boutonnieres… four year olds can be brutal! Use your instincts, but often, really little boys are rather adverse to wearing boutonnieres at all. Meltdowns ensue. And honestly, it makes me nervous using a long sharp pin to hold on the boutonniere for an itty bitty kid!

For your flower girls, there are more options than a basket of petals. Some facilities won’t even let you scatter petals at all! If you still like the basket look, why not have your little ladies carry baskets with small flower arrangements in them? Pomanders (those are the flower balls girls sometimes carry) are an adorable alternative to baskets. They tend to be pretty sturdy, and hold up to being swung around, better than you might think! It takes a lot of flowers to make a pomander, which can make them heavy and a pricier option. Your littlest flower girls might be better off with another option. Small posies of flowers are pretty and classic, or a wand with flowers on the end will make those little girls feel like princesses!

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Double Duty

Reusing your bouquets as centerpieces may sound like a brilliant cost-saving idea, but be careful here. Let’s say that your ceremony is at 3, and will last about a half hour. So if you’re having a first-look, pictures will likely start at 1. This means that your flowers will be out of water for photos for at least 2 ½ to 3 hours. Many weddings, and pictures, take place outside in bright light and heat… not ideal conditions for flowers. By the time your flowers make it to your tables, they may not be looking their best. Not to mention, bridesmaids are notorious for setting their bouquets down and walking away from them (and, who can blame them for preferring to carry a drink in hand after the ceremony, rather than a bouquet?!). This can leaving your coordinator scrambling to find them in order to transfer them to their role as centerpieces. Stressful!

Some elements are perfect for being re-used. Oftentimes, I’m asked to re-use the ceremony flowers for a seating card table or even the belly bars. Logistically, this is always difficult. You don’t want your guests to see naked tables or anything half-done, but they will always arrive at cocktail hour before your florist can transfer your ceremony flowers. It’s frustrating for both the guests and the florist to try to squeeze between party go-ers to put flowers on the tables. A better place to reuse ceremony flowers is on your dessert table. Guests are usually not allowed near the desserts until after cocktail hour, so as the floral designer, I have time to sneak in there and re-work a little magic. Flowers and desserts are both so delicious!

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Trendy vs Timeless

So big and boho is in, but you’re more of a minimalist gal? Go where your heart is! Unless someone has a really convincing argument for why you shouldn’t do something (like a hydrangea bouquet in the hottest time of year… it will wilt horribly, give your floral designer a panic attack, and you’ll be pretty sad too), choose what makes you happy. It’s you and your beloved’s day, first and foremost!

All bouquets were designed and created by the amazing Leah Bloom at Bespoke Floral and Event Design.  Check out more of her work on her website!