//How To Prepare For Your Engagement Session//

March 12, 2015
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With all the engagement portrait sessions I am doing this time of year, I am having a blast planning everything so it is unique to each couple and their love story!  There are a few things you want to think about while planning your session such as what location you want, how to make it unique and what to wear.  I have put a few of the most important planning tips together for you to make is as easy [and super fun!] as possible!



#1  What to wear

This is the one I get asked about the most.  My answer is always simple.  Where what you are comfortable in!  Where something that is your personal style and says about you want you want others so see.  Also, keep your location in mind.  You wouldn’t want to wear an LBD to a mountain field location.  When it comes to dressing your dude, don’t be too matchy-matchy.  Wear colors that are complimentary, but also you don’t want to contrast each other two much.  High contrast [ie: girl in white, guy in black] can overwhelm the picture. Have fun mixing patterns and textures, just stay away from logos.

Ladies, make a day of it!  Get your make up done by a pro and have your hairdresser wash and style your hair [no big, fancy up-do’s necessary. You’re supposed to look like you, but you at your best].  Gents, don’t get sunburned.  At least one week before you’ve got pictures scheduled [or the wedding] stay in the shade, wear sunscreen and play it safe.  You don’t want your great-great grandkids thinking you were part lobster.

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#2 Should I bring 17 outfits?

I want you to express personality and style through your engagement portraits, it’s what makes you unique!  Keep in mind though, our photo shoot is going to be outdoors and there may not be an easily accessible place to change. Also, we are shooting right before sunset so we don’t want to lose a lot of time changing. My advice is to layer say that you can easily change your look.

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#3 What else should I bring?

If you want to incorporate a few props to make your shoot unique, absolutely! I have lots of fun things I can bring or rent as well. Try not to bring a whole bag of items with you, however. We want you to be in the moment and candid and setting down and picking up a bag with your whole Pinterest board of props will definitely break our stride. I will have plenty of room in my bag to carry keys, wallets, lipstick, powder and anything else small you would like to have, but keep it minimal and know that you don’t need a lot of stuff for a successful shoot!

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#4 Relax and trust me!

As you’re preparing for your engagement session, remember that I don’t expect you to be a pro at this. I work with normal, everyday couples all the time! It can take a little time at the beginning of the shoot to warm up and get comfortable so relax and don’t be nervous!

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#5  Be on time please!

We will be having our portrait session right  before sunset so it is really important to be on time. We don’t want to feel rushed or stressed. We also don’t want to lose the light right when we are settling into the session. I know we can’t control traffic but do your best to leave plenty of time to get there a little early. That way you can get settled, pumped up for the shoot and check out the location before we start!

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